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Using staff incentives to drive performance

The success of your business relies very much on your staff’s performance and productivity levels, but when they don’t have direct access to bottom line benefits, you need to find alternative staff incentives that genuinely capture their imagination and keep them engaged.

In the first instance, you need to get your employees on board with your brand values. As representatives of your company they need to be living and breathing your values through all their work activities – but you have a responsibility to set the scene and keep them on track.

The beauty of staff incentives is that you’re focusing them on improving their occupational performance by giving them a personal reason to reach higher and work harder. It’s nice to think that your staff will work at their best purely for the love of the job, but realistically, they need to feel they’re getting more than the warm glow of loyalty!

The benefits of staff incentives

Offering staff incentives can be a great way to motivate sales teams, but while their performance is critical, they’re not the only employees or business area that matters. Implementing an incentive scheme can offer lots of different benefits, including:

  • Meeting and exceeding targets

    It’s all very well setting stretching performance targets, but if staff feel pressured to keep increasing outcomes with little or no recognition, it’s hard to maintain.

  • Pushing short-term drives

    Offering incentives for staff can help you to effectively promote new products and services, giving them a reason to shout about it rather than laying low and doing the bare minimum required of their position.

  • Improving customer service

    Keep your staff happy and they’ll be more inclined to pass on that positivity on to your customers.

  • Boost morale

    Valued employees and a little healthy competition can strengthen internal relationships and create better dynamics in the workplace.

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On top of their regular salary, there are some great methods to create a culture that inspires staff to go the extra mile…

Engage –incentives for staff that get real results

Here at Love2shop, we’ve worked with some of the UK’s leading brands, delivering rewards and incentives that work for everyone.

Our primary staff incentive solution for increasing performance is Engage – a web based platform that provides sales directors, channel marketers and other management staff with a variety of tools to encourage productivity.

Tailored to your specific needs, fully branded and managed in-house, it offers a range of modules that can be set up as a new reward scheme, or can be tied-in with existing programmes. Some of its features include:

  • League tables for performance and sales
  • Peer-to-peer nomination tools
  • Messaging capabilities for clear communication
  • Sales logs for marketing channels
  • Reporting facilities for measuring success against your set criteria

From individuals to broader teams and departments, the Engage platform drives positive change and gives everyone the opportunity to receive more recognition and respect for their hard work. Whether you set long-term annual goals, shorter term initiatives or a mixture of both, the easy-to-use interface is a great way to motivate and engage.

From high achievers to under-performers, criteria can be set to recognise and reward the efforts of your entire workforce allowing employees to reap the benefits of their performance.


To learn more about any of our staff incentive solutions please call our team now on or click the button to get in touch.