Builiding a motivated and committed workforce

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Improve Retention and Productivity

As a tried and tested form of staff recognition, the introduction of long service awards can help your business to build a more motivated and committed workforce – plus make huge savings by retaining key employees, rather than replacing staff.

CIPD figures estimate a reduction in staff turnover rates of up to 20% in companies where awards are used.

Over recent years, an increasing number of larger organisations and their HR departments have set about reviewing and revamping their long service awards schemes (also known as loyalty rewards) – and if others in your industry are doing the same, you don’t want to get left behind.


We’ve been providing long service award solutions to HR teams and businesses for many years, and our team are always happy to discuss your options, help you identify the best format and assist in the management of your awards calendar.

Here are a few examples of the awards we offer that work perfectly for long service and loyalty recognition:

Love2shop Vouchers

Reward long service employees by giving them a paper voucher that they can redeem on anything they want at any one of our 20,000 participating retailers.

Love2shop Gift Cards

This flexible option lets employees choose a reward that most appeals to them (using a plastic gift card) at 95+ high street stores, or exchange them online for access to even more big brands.

Love2shop Holidays

With over 200 tour operators to choose from, say thank you for their loyal service by helping employees take a well-earned break in the sun.

But when it boils down to it, are these periodic gestures of gratitude a bit ‘old hat’? How can a small show of appreciation really make a difference to your bottom line?

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Showing your staff that you value their loyalty shouldn’t wait until retirement – one of the primary drivers for recognising length of service is to encourage increased performance while they’re still with you!

Traditionally, the benchmarks for loyal service gifts are 5, 10 and 20 years long service. However, if you operate in a sector with a high staff churn such as retail or customer service, a 5 year loyal service award is unlikely to be effective, so you should consider introducing them as early as after 1 or 2 years of employment.


Looking to launch a long service awards scheme? This guide will take about five minutes to read and will prime you to start structuring, scheduling and fulfilling a new or revamped long service awards scheme.

Love2shop Long Service Awards Brochure

Some key benefits of introducing long service awards into your HR strategy:

  • Tangible ROI

    A small investment now will save you money in the long term: it’s much cheaper to encourage staff to stay than it is to employ and train new workers.

  • Increased staff retention

    When employees feel genuinely valued, they’re motivated to stay where they are rather than seeking new opportunities.

  • Improved engagement

    Recognising loyal service fosters a positive culture of support and respect between employer and employee.

  • A better reputation

    Not only will you be recognised as a good business to work for, but happier staff provide a better service to your customers too, so you win twice!

Our vast experience in long service awards has taught us that you should never wait longer than 5 years to express your appreciation, followed by periodic awards right up to the point of retirement.


To learn more about the benefits of long service awards, or for guidance on the best time periods to roll-out your loyal service awards. Please call our team now on or click the button to get in touch.