How to keep hold of coveted and experienced staff

Employee Retention

Keeping coveted skills and experience inside your business has never been more important. A large part of the modern workforce has one eye on a new position within the next few years and what they’re leaving for isn’t just a higher salary.

Employees want to know their employers are taking their development, career potential and achievements in the organisation seriously. 
Businesses can no longer afford to fall back on their long service awards as demonstrations of appreciation for the hard work of their staff, especially not in sectors where turnover is inherently more frequent like retail or call centres. 

In an era of immediacy, it’s vital to let your employees know their performance is recognised, valued and rewarded at regular intervals.
Love2shop Business Services’ recognition service can dust off your long service awards, fold them into your existing benefits budget and easily implement an effective performance and longevity recognition plan your staff will appreciate.

Find out about the Engage employee recognition platform

We use our existing gift cards, vouchers and modular digital platforms to create a bespoke solution perfect for any size organisation or budget.
The Love2shop network of approved partners spares you the expense and pain of trying to individualise rewards by letting your employees choose from our extensive catalogue, engaging your staff in their rewards and offering genuine value.

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