Financial Wellbeing - Managing a healthy workplace

Financial Wellbeing

Financial stress is far more common than many employers think. Nearly one in five people in the UK class their financial situation as the chief cause of stress in their life, and 9% say it’s negatively affecting their professional lives.

The mental effects of financial stress could be costing an employee as much as three days a month Coming Soonworth of work while they try to deal with their money worries. Prolonged stress eventually contributes to heart disease, depression, migraines, anxiety, ulcers and more. Affected staff damage their colleagues too, behaving combatively and lashing out at peers.

Between physical absences and decreased performance in the workplace the UK is losing at least 17.5 million working hours a year. Acting to manage this stress in a sustainable way is becoming an increasingly vital part of managing a healthy workplace.

Everyday Benefits is a Love2shop Business Services’ discount scheme which can ease financial strain by saving your employees more than £1,000 a year. Our scheme is simple to implement and works alongside any existing financial education or counselling you’re offering. 

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All your employees have to do is use their Love2shop Card while paying in the supermarket, booking travel, buying gifts or organising a family day out. The discounts quickly add up and give your staff a bit more breathing room in their monthly budget.

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We’d be more than happy to discuss a bespoke financial wellbeing scheme for your business regardless of your budget.


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