Love2shop Business is moving to Liverpool after 13 years in Birkenhead

You read it right. Along with most of Park Group plc, Love2shop Business Services is getting the ferry across the Mersey.

It’s a huge move for the whole organisation, and a big step towards realising our renewed corporate strategy.

2019 is a very exciting and interesting time to work for Park Group and Love2shop Business.

Proud of our heritage

Park Group has been in Birkenhead for more than 50 years. Love2shop Business has been here since we were founded in 2006.

We’re proud to be a Merseyside business, and we’re proud to employ so many people from our local community. That local identity has for a long time been a benefit Park and Love2shop Business’ company culture.

Obviously, Love2shop Business and Park Group will still be Merseyside businesses. Just on the other side of the Mersey.

Our new home will be 20 Chapel Street, in Liverpool’s vibrant Commercial District. That’s just to the North of the Liverpool One area of the city centre.

Eyes on the horizon

Everyone at Park and Love2shop Business is looking forward to the new location. We’ll have more flexible working space, with a new open-office plan.

Chapel Street will also offer us more variety of meeting space, and more access to the resources we need to be the most effective and cooperative teams we can be.

Our guests will also have a more attractive and easier to reach place to visit us. And, like us, they’ll benefit from being in one of the most vibrant cities in the UK.

Words from our CEO

Park Group CEO Ian O’Doherty, speaking about the move in June this year, said: “The relocation of our core business to Liverpool is another important and tangible step towards us delivering the new strategic plan for the company.

“This major investment exemplifies our commitment to growth, to driving our business forward and to giving our fantastic Park people an excellent work environment in which to flourish.”

Stop by and visit us

We expect to be making the big move close to the end of September. You should email your account manager and ask them to give you a tour! They’d be delighted to hear from you and welcome you to our new home across the Mersey.

Chris Hartley

Managing Director Chris Hartley to retire from Love2shop Business Services after 13 years

We’re saying goodbye to our Managing Director, Chris Hartley, and wishing him well in retirement.

While we’re sad to see an integral part of our team go, it gives us a chance to reflect on his 13 exciting years with Love2shop Business Services. The story of Chris’ time with us is very much also the story of Love2shop Business Services’ growth and success.

Park Group founded a B2B division in 2006 to capitalise on the business reward market. Chris joined the team from Argos Business Solutions to develop a solid B2B proposition.

Twelve years later, Love2shop Business Services is an indispensable arm of Park Group’s business. And still a fast growing division.

Love2reward, our first B2B brand, started with a shopping voucher. Now, Love2shop Business Services is home to vouchers, gift cards, and digital rewards. A network of rewards in more than 150 countries. Digital platforms for incentivising, recognising and rewarding staff and customers. A suite of employee benefits services. And multiple specialist teams finding, acquiring, and building relationships with our valued clients.

We did this through a commitment to innovating our products. A fearless will to compete for our place in the reward market. And an immersive belief in the value of our products and platforms.

Chris’ leadership created a place for those values to flourish.

Now it falls to us to keep them alive in the future. New opportunities and new challenges are around the corner for us. The culture that Chris built will serve us well in dealing with them.


Chris reflects on his time at Love2shop Business Services

Chris, speaking about his time with Love2shop Business Services, said: “I’m very proud to look back on 13 years of success and achievement at Love2shop Business Services. The products and services we have developed have taken us from being a bulk voucher provider to one of the most trusted, versatile and innovative providers of multi redemption reward services in the UK.

“The successful development of our own processing network, flexecash®, has been the crown jewel of my time at Park, but the memories I will cherish the most are of the fantastic people I have worked alongside during my time here.

“I wish everyone at Love2shop Business Services and Park Group the very best in the future, and I thank everyone that made my time with Park so memorable and successful. Whether that be team members, clients or suppliers.”

Speaking about Chris, Park Group CEO Ian O’Doherty said: “Chris will leave a legacy dedicated to fostering excellence and making Park a great place to work. His commitment to driving our successes to date have not gone unnoticed. For that, we thank him.

“I am very grateful to Chris for all his support and hard work, and for his contribution to the success of Park Group over 13 years. I wish him all the best in his retirement.”

Goodbye, old friend: we are discontinuing the £1 Love2shop Gift Voucher

After more than twenty years, Love2shop is saying goodbye to the £1 denomination of the Love2shop Gift Voucher.

We know it’s the right thing to do, and we know we’re doing this for the right reasons, but it’s still a little bit bittersweet.

Our £1 voucher has been a part of the history of not just Love2shop Business Services, but our sister companies and Park Christmas Savings too.

Over the years the £1 voucher has been there for hundreds of thousands of birthdays, Christmas dinners, presents, incentives, rewards and more.

The times, they are a-changing

But, it’s time for us to make this change. There just isn’t the same demand for a £1 voucher these days, and as of August 15th 2019, the voucher will disappear.

Our Business Development team, Love2shop Self-Serve, and will stop selling the voucher to the public.

Don’t panic if you have a clutch of £1 vouchers that haven’t been redeemed yet.

Any vouchers still in circulation will honoured until their expiry date, that’s still business as usual.

We’ll also keep stocking the £5 and £10 vouchers, so any clients with a paper preference will be catered for.

Seizing an opportunity

Change isn’t a bad thing though. It’s an opportunity.

Love2shop, and Park Group itself, have always been proud of our ability to adapt and develop over time.

While the £1 voucher is sailing off into the sunset, we’re strengthening what we offer in other areas.

For instance, over the last year our gift card has seen an enormous surge in of interest.

Many more of our clients making the full-time switch to plastic.

In turn, we’ve strengthened the gift card by opening our library of e-gift cards.

E-gift cards are a further selection of brands a cardholder can access through or our app.

You can read more about how great our e-gift card options are here.

The Love2shop app

Speaking of our app, the Love2shop App itself is a huge development.

It brings the Love2shop Gift Card experience back in line with what modern consumers expect from their digital experience.

Card registration, finding places to spend, trading for e-gift cards, managing cards and more is now a seamless mobile on experience on Apple and Android.

Talk to us

If you have any concerns about how the disappearance of the £1 voucher might affect your business’ rewards or incentives, just get in touch.

Our team are available 09:00 -17:00 on weekdays, and they’re always happy to help our clients.

You can call, email, or use the web chat function on this site.


love2shop vouchers help pregnant smokers stub it out

Love2shop News: Love2shop Vouchers help expecting mothers stub it out

Love2shop Gift Vouchers have helped NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) convince more expecting mothers to quit smoking.

According to NHSGGC, introducing Love2shop Vouchers as an incentive drove a 38% increase in mothers successfully stubbing out their cigarettes.

The scheme, called Quit Your Way, asks expecting mothers to set a date to pack in their cigarettes.

Pregnant women who successfully kick their habit in time enjoy £160 worth of Love2shop Gift Vouchers as a reward.

The result is significant, as there is a strong link between smoking while pregnant and hospitalisation of children.

Eliminating pregnant smoking across the UK would improve the health of thousands of very young children, and potentially save lives. Not to mention, quitting improves the health of the mothers in question.

Dr Emilia Crighton, NHSGGC consultant, said: “We were seeing that many pregnant women were struggling to quit smoking and we felt a fresh approach was needed…the incentive gives them a reward for successfully stopping smoking and staying stopped.

“The feedback we have received is that many of the women we support really appreciate receiving the incentives and the difference they can make. This allows them to buy important things for their baby and for their family.”

NHSGGC are not the only organisation using our rewards as incentives.

The University of Sheffield, NHS Yorkshire and Humber, and NHS Greater Manchester have all used Love2shop Gift Cards or Vouchers to incentivise pregnant smokers to quit smoking.

Martin Cooper, Head of Client Development at Love2shop Business, said: “It’s a very satisfying outcome. We always take pride in our rewards, and how they enrich our clients’ business, but these stories really stand out. Knowing we’re helping the NHS fulfil a scheme that’s improving the health of mothers and babies is especially delightful.”

The Love2shop Gift Voucher, offered through the Quit Your Way scheme, is the UK’s most popular multi-retailer voucher. Love2shop Vouchers are accepted at more than 150 retailers across the UK, including shops like Boots, Semichem, Mothercare and the Early Learning Centre.

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