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A useful employee engagement definition in plain English

An employee engagement definition can get complicated. As complicated as someone wants it to be, really. It’s the kind of concept that becomes nebulous and hard to pin down once someone dresses it up too much. Or tries to twist it to fit their own agenda. We’ve got a simple, workable employee engagement definition. And […]

How to pick quality employee recognition software you can depend on

Employee recognition software merits the same careful consideration you would give to finance or sales management software. Your employees’ engagement is important enough to justify priority on that level. You might feel a little bit overwhelmed by the providers, features and modules competing for your affection. That’s no cause for panic. Refer to our checklist when […]

Read this and you’ll thank a colleague every single day

Thank a colleague for what they do. It improves the physical and mental condition of both that colleague and you yourself. That’s the evidence from a recent study by Portland State University and Clemson State University. The study explained The university staff ran a study of 146 nurses practicing in Oregon, USA. Nurses in the USA […]

How to Create an Employee of the Month Scheme for the 21st Century

Employee of the month schemes are one of the oldest forms of recognition in the workplace. But many organisations that use them are living in the past with their ancient approach. Recognition schemes are more common now, but many businesses still rely on cash alone. Not only does that not prioritise employee recognition, it’s too expensive. More […]