Anxiety is a major employee wellbeing issue which affects over eight million people in the UK (as much as a quarter of the workforce). For many of those people it’s a condition which affects their
While we can’t anticipate all your needs, there are some questions you can ask and conditions to insist on which can swing the vote between a few providers.
If we’re honest, offices can be strange places, and the interpersonal relationships between people can be complicated. Take a simple example: Two employees of similar ability, both loyal to a
Sleep deprivation is estimated to cost the UK economy up to £40 billion a year through absence and lost productivity. Meanwhile, over 61% of employees in the UK report they’re unhappy with the amount
Customer churn, or customer attrition, is how many customers you lose in an observed period. For a business to grow, the amount of new customers taken on has to exceed the number lost.